Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU)

Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP) & Urban Resilience Project (URP)

Programming Division, Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning


Department of Disaster Management (DDM) Part


The key element of Component-D implemented by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is the development of a Long-Term Disaster Risk Management Program. The primary input is the software based Multi-hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (MRVA), modeling and Mapping; training and capacity building; and provision of requisite hardware to enable the efficient and effective management of the Program. This Part has been completed in December, 2016.


Major Achievements


SL No. Equipment, Accessories and Vehicles Achievements
01 Handy Megaphone for Sidr Effected Districts 144 Nos.
02 First aid kit and Accessories 144 Nos.
03 Pole fitted 6Í1 Megaphone Siren with Computerized Unit 35 Nos.
04 Harness, Orange vest & Identification Card, Caution tape, 144 Tent & ground sheet, 768 Flashing/headlamp/leather gloves, 24 Portable Generator. 1704 Nos.
05 Mobile ambulance Boat 6 Nos.
06 Small Marine Rescue Boat 12 Nos.
07 Rough Aquatic boat Search & Rescue Box 4 Nos.
08 4WD Emergency Vehicles 4 Nos.
09 Emergency Pickup for field operation in 12 SIDR Affected district 12 Nos.


Training/Capacity Building


SL No. Type of Training Achievements
01 Stakeholder Planning Workshop 3 Nos.
02 National Damage Need Assessment (DNA) Training for DDM and Other Department 4 Nos.
03 DNA Training for the field officials 128 Nos.
04 Validation D-Form 81 Nos.
05 International-Research based field study (Hurricane and Typhoon affected countries) 1 Nos.
06 Advanced Disaster Management Training 1 Nos.
07 District Level Regional Training on Multi-Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (MRVA) 64 Nos.
08 Training of the Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) Volunteers in SIDR affected districts 144 Nos.
09 Training of Disaster Management Committees (DMCs)/CPP members and Community people in SIDR affected districts 72 Nos.
10 Simulation Exercises within DMCs in SIDR affected districts 72 Nos.
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