Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU)

Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP) & Urban Resilience Project (URP)

Programming Division, Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning

ECRRP Archive




Serial No. Documents Download


Risk Mitigation Measures Reports


01  Risk Mitigation Measures_07_06_2012  Download


02  Risk Mitigation Measures_April_2013  Download


03  Risk Mitigation Measures_December_2013  Download


04  Risk Mitigation Measures_May_2014  Download


Mid Term Review Report (MTRR)


05  Mid Term Review Report (MTRR) Final_Vol-I Download


06 Mid Term Review Report (MTRR) Final_Vol-II_QPR_Jul-Sep_2012_Final Download


07 Mid Term Review Report (MTRR) Final_Vol-III_Final_021212 Download


Evaluation Survey Report-2013


08 Annual Survey Report (Volume-I) Download


09  Annual Survey Report (Volume-II)  Download


10  Annual Survey Report (Volume-III)  Download


11  Annual Survey Report (Volume-IV)  Downaload




12  Social Safeguard Consolidated Report_13-02-2013  Download


13  SAFEGUARD_Environment Report_First  Download


14  Monitoring_Report on Environmental_Safeguard_Compliance_Second  Download


15  Summary of Safeguards   Download




16  Result Framework  Download


17  M&E Framework Final Report_211110  Download




18  Baseline study report_Annex-1 Download


19  Baseline study report_Annex-2  Download


20  Baseline study report_Annex-3-5  Download


21  Baseline study report_Annex-6-8  Download


22  Baseline study report_Text_190611 Download


Field Visit Report


23  Field Visit Report_BWDB_July_2013  Download


24  Field Visit Report_BWDB_May_2012 Download


25 Field Visit Report_BWDB_November_2011  Download


26 Field Visit Report_BWDB_Image Download

27  Framework Download


Quarterly Progress Reports


Documents Download


Quarterly Progress Report (January-March, 2017) (Draft) Download


Quarterly Progress Report (October-December, 2016) Download


Quarterly Progress Report (July – September, 2016) Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (October – December, 2015)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (July – September ,2015)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (January – March, 2015)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (October – December, 2014)  Download

 Quarterly Progress Report (October – December, 2014)  Download

 Quarterly Progress Report (January-March, 2014)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (January-March, 2013)  Download


Quarterly Progress Report (October-December, 2012)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (July-September, 2012)  Download


Quarterly Progress Report (January-March, 2012)  Download


Quarterly Progress Report (October-December, 2011)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (July-September, 2011)  Download


Quarterly Progress Report (January-March, 2011)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (October-December, 2010)  Download


 Quarterly Progress Report (September, 2010)  Download


Quarterly Progress Report (July, 2010)  Download


Annual Progress Report


Annual Progress Report FY 2015-16  Download


Annual Progress Report FY 2014-15  Download


Annual Progress Report FY 2013-14 Download


Annual Progress Report FY 2012-13  Download


Annual Progress Report FY 2011-12  Download


Annual Progress Report FY 2010-11 Download


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