Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU)

Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP) & Urban Resilience Project (URP)

Programming Division, Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning

PCMU (Achievements)


  1. PCMU is responsible for overall coordination and monitoring of ECRRP. PCMU, through an M&E firm, has been preparing consolidated Quarterly and Annual Reports of each year of project implementation.
  2. PCMU signed contract with FAO for implementing activities in the field of  Agriculture, Live stocks and Fisheries in the Sidr affected area.
  3. Department of Food through PCMU has conducted a feasibility study to prepare a project on “Bangladesh Modern Food Storage Facilities Project (BMFSFP). Based on the findings of the study report, this project has been undertaken by the Department of Food financed by the World Bank.
  4. PCMU arranged a good number of local and foreign Training programs/Study Tours on Procurement Management, Project Management, Disaster Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Financial Management etc. for capacity building of the Implementing Agencies of ECRRP.
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