Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU)

Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP) & Urban Resilience Project (URP)

Programming Division, Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning

DDM Part

Department of Disaster Management (DDM) Part


01. Project Title : Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP): DDM Part (3rd Revised); Sub-component-D1
02. a) Sponsoring Ministry/Division : Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MODMR)
b) Executing Agency : Department of Disaster Management (DDM)
03. Objectives of the Project:
i) To facilitate recovery mechanism from the damage to livelihoods and community infrastructure caused by Cyclone SIDR 2007.
ii) To build long-term preparedness through strengthened disaster risk reduction and management by addressing risk identification and assessment; strengthening and enhancing emergency preparedness and institutional & community capacity building by activating DMCs.
iii) To support for the capacity building of the Department of Disaster Management (DDM).
iv) To support for detailed multi-hazard risk, vulnerability assessments, modeling and the strengthening of emergency preparedness at the community levels.
v) To provide, as appropriate, advice, support information and influence on all disaster issues affecting the communities at local, Upazila and district level.
vi) To provide emergency relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction for victims of natural disaster through standardized to implement post-disaster damage and needs assessment policy and guideline by establishing a DNA cell.
04. Location of the Project


  Division District Upazila
  Chittagong, Khulna and Barisal Divisions but all other divisions are included for MRVA and DNA. All districts of Bangladesh especially in the 12 severely cyclone affected districts as below:

Satkhira, Khulna, Bagerhat, Barguna, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Bhola, Barisal, Laksmipur, Noakhali, Feni and Chittagong.

Selected 35 Upazilas of 12 severely cyclone affected districts. Multi-hazard Risk Vulnerability Assessment & Mapping (MRVA) and Damage & Need Assessment activities in all Upazilas of Bangladesh.
05. Project Implementation Period : a) Original August, 2008 to June, 2012
b) 1st Revised August, 2008 to June, 2014
c) 2nd Revised August, 2008 to December, 2015
d) 3rd Revised August, 2008 to December, 2016


06. Revised Cost of the Project
Source Original 1st Revised 2nd  Revised 3rd  Revised
a) GoB 42.00 816.80
b) DPA
c) RPA 5,516.00 6,895.00 7,846.00 6,927.20
d) Total 5,516.00 6,895.00 7,888.00 7,744.00







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